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See What Happens When Workouts Are Designed Like An Arcade

Want to Workout like your playing in an arcade? New York City gym Asphalt Green has  the latest high intensity, circuit based workout that is designed like an arcade rather than a  usual gym.  The gym comprises of an  interactive gym space for gym goers, with floors and walls that reacts to your touch and pressure. Asphalt green is housed in a 1,800-square-foot dedicated studio space that will house its new AG6 class. AG6 is a 45-minute, high-intensity, circuit-based workout. "We're thrilled to be the first fitness venue to bring this innovative workout system to North America and New York City," said Maggy Siegel, Executive Director, Asphalt Green. "AG6 creates a fun, fast-paced energy that's unlike anything you've ever seen in a fitness club." "AG6...

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